Ponder in Layers

I’m not a patient person. I like to see results. So waiting for a layer of paint to dry before doing the next is not something I jumped into doing. I like the wet on wet style of getting it all in. But that has it’s draw-backs – I get a lot of muddy colors. And so I decided to try my hand at this whole “waiting” thing. The final result is Ponder, shown below.


It’s not the cleanest of paintings, I’ll be fair (and I’ve never tried to paint a person before!), but I definitely learned some things about order of layers. For instance, I really didn’t do a good background (the gray part), and by the time I realized it – well I was finished with everything else. I’ll chock that one up to a lesson learned!

I’m definitely interested in growing in this area, and even more interested in combining the two styles (painting some parts in layers and some parts all at once). Here are some detail shots of the painting.

Ponder detail 1Ponder detail 2Ponder detail 3Ponder detail 5

And last but not least, my favorite “artsy” shot (no editing involved!):

Ponder framed by light

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