Projects Past – June 2018 Newsletter

Hello, folks. This month’s newsletter is a little early because tomorrow I am flying out for my wedding/honeymoon! That means that not only is the newsletter early, but I will not be posting this week. My next post will be Tuesday, June 12. This month I’d like to focus on some of my older projects.Continue reading “Projects Past – June 2018 Newsletter”

May 2018 Newsletter: Studio

The weather has finally warmed up enough here that I can open the windows in my house! The warm up is especially great in my studio. Over the winter I’m either freezing or fumigating myself (I choose freezing, by the way). My studio has been a work in progress over the last few months (andContinue reading “May 2018 Newsletter: Studio”

April 2018 Newsletter: Introducing Me

Since you’ve found your way here, you probably know two things: 1. My name is Emily. 2. I am an artist. It’s a good start, right? Today I’m going to share a little more about myself, and I hope that you will share a little bit too! I work primarily with oil paints, though IContinue reading “April 2018 Newsletter: Introducing Me”