April 2018 Newsletter: Introducing Me

Since you’ve found your way here, you probably know two things:

1. My name is Emily.

2. I am an artist.


It’s a good start, right? Today I’m going to share a little more about myself, and I hope that you will share a little bit too!

I work primarily with oil paints, though I have been known to paint some watercolors and I dabble in acrylics. I work out of a small (and messy) studio in my house. It’s a cozy little room with several plants clustered around the window and shelves full of my supplies. When I’m working I listen to nature sounds (rain forests, rivers, thunderstorms). I paint primarily on the weekends (with some light work during the week) due to my day-job. This routine typically gives my layers enough time to dry so I can keep working the next weekend. I paint both wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry, though I am newer to wet-on-dry.

Since I’ve started painting, I’ve branched out from the simple landscapes and started to find my own strengths. I enjoy painting abstract works and am working on some impressionist paintings right now. Here is a sample of one of my works in progress:


While this site is primarily dedicated to my paintings, I call myself an artist rather than a painter because I have many artistic inclinations. I doodle, I crochet, I write, and I draw maps for my stories.

As an artist, I want to take a moment to encourage any of you who are starting out. My biggest piece of advice: drop the word “aspiring.” If you do something, you are it. A writer, a painter, a singer, an actor. You are that which you do. Embrace it, and do you.

Until next time,