Projects Past – June 2018 Newsletter

Hello, folks. This month’s newsletter is a little early because tomorrow I am flying out for my wedding/honeymoon! That means that not only is the newsletter early, but I will not be posting this week. My next post will be Tuesday, June 12.

This month I’d like to focus on some of my older projects. I mentioned this week that when I started painting, I used watercolors. Sometimes I miss the translucent layers that I have yet to achieve with oils. Looking back on some of my watercolors has inspired me to break them out again, so don’t be surprised if they pop up a few more times!

Before I even started watercolor paintings, I was a doodler. I remember drawing little faces and meadows in the margins of my Spanish homework, and once I was an adult I cut up scraps of paper at work and continued doodling in free moments. Even my tattoo was originally a doodle in one of my many notebooks. I still doodle on post-it’s in my down time, but now they are mostly ideas for paintings.


In another medium, I have been a crocheter since middle school. I have many, many projects, but here are a few of my more “artistic” pieces:

Sometimes, it’s only by looking back that we realize who we are. I’ve known for a while now that I am not only a writer, but an artist. And looking back at my past projects reaffirms this fact. I am excited to take my next steps forward, and am excited that you have joined me for the journey.

Until next week,



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