Chocolate Cake

I’ve said it before. I am impatient*. This has many effects on my daily life, from general clumsiness to burning my tongue on something hot (but delicious). Because of my impatience, I have never mastered the art of frosting a cake. I like to frost it as soon as possible when it comes out of the oven, which means it is still warm and crumbles with the slightest touch. My frosting jobs always come out looking a little messy, but no less delicious. Something like the below painting (which actually makes me want to bake)!

Chocolate Cake.JPG

Chocolate Cake

Oil on Canvas

2.5×3.5 inches

*To be fair to myself, my impatience comes from my deep desire to DO things – like paint or read or write – and not spend so much time on tasks that do not interest me as much.

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